About Us

Mario J Curci – Founder
Mario J Curci – Founder

Mario Curci – Founder & CEO

Mario has spent the past 20 years as a successful Senior Financial Leader in various industries and positions.  He utilizes his valuable instinct, experience, and insight to drive profitability, growth, and create value. His extensive experience has allowed him to see opportunities and implement meaningful metrics that drive organizational success. Mario is a leader that is an operationally oriented, strategic visionary that communicates effectively and persuasively. Throughout his career he has demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify, evaluate, and model opportunities for revenue growth and reduce costs.

These valuable skills have translated into a prestigious career with many accolades and accomplishments which include multiple successful startups, millions of dollars in revenue generation & cost savings which increased company value, and leading numerous acquisitions on both the buy & sell side totaling over $400 million in transaction dollars.

Mario is a US Navy Veteran having proudly served our Country before obtaining his Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Accounting.  Passions for business include evaluating cash flow, improving processes & procedures to drive value, increasing data accuracy and timing, system security, and most importantly knowing and executing on stakeholder value.

In his personal life he enjoys traveling, sporting events, and spending time with family and friends.

Mission Statement

Building Outstanding Organizational Success Together.  Our clients can trust us to provide valuable and practical advice along with strategies that will help guide their business to problem solve and achieve goals.  We are committed to partnering with you to help your business run effectively and efficiently.  We bring years of experience to your door to help your company and you grow, thrive, and succeed.

Our Advantage

Our team has practical hands on experience at all levels across many different organizations and industries. This allows us the ability to utilize our lessons learned and best practices when providing recommendations or assisting with implementation. We are outside the box thinkers and approach engagements methodically while being able to provide immediate solutions to redefined problems along the way.